Thursday, 5 January 2017

Real Estate Investment,Why The Choice Of Ibeju-Lekki?

 Ibeju-lekki is a region in Lagos state Nigeria, that is fully blessed with many naturally resources like the great Atlantic, a lagoon and many others that makes exportation and importation easy and accessible.An area well known for potential economic growth because of the fast development of the region. There are many world class projects situated in the zone like the Dangote refinery and fertilizer of the largest refinery in the world.also in the region is the lekki free trade zone,the proposed Lekki-Epe international airport,the proposed Lekki sea port, Eleganzer industral estate and many more projects.No wonder many refer to the region as the real hub of Africa business,future and present.
  After that brief overview of the region, let me give you just an example to show why real estate investment in the region is and will be a smart and wise choice.
 In 2001 a family friend bought a plot of land for a hundred and fifty thousand naira(150,000).today just 16 years later,that plot is being prized for 15,000,000.can you imagine that percentage growth!so imagine anyone buying five or more plots then,and selling now? You need not be told what that mean for such a person.
  Ten years from today,you can tell a similar story about yourself or others making reference to can make that happen. Along the lekki free trade zone,we have well over 12 different proposed estates with genuine and legal Titles where you can safely invest for the future.our prices ranges from #2m to #4.5m for the moment. And can change at anytime. Why not make wise use of this moment that the prices are still very affordable?
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