Friday, 25 November 2016

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Secure That Love One's Tomorrow.

How will you Rather invest for the future of that lovely son or daughter of yours?or that dear one that is so close to your heart? In cars!..No,that never appreciate. Save the money or fixed it in a bank account? Well,that is cool too,but with low or small interest that banks normally know,they won't give more than 10% in a for instance if you fixed 4m,that could only become like 4.4m at the end of the year. I would Rather encourage you invest in real estate and property.
Take for example, if you invest that same 4m in a landed property,you are sure of 25% to 40% growth each year.especially in an area with high potential like the ibeju lekki Lagos.meaning at the end of one year,your 4m is sure to rise to like 5.2m at least.can you imagine what that property will become in the next 10 to 15 years when that child has grown up!  
 We have well over 25 estate you can safely and securely invest in here in ibeju lekki, the hub of Africa business.
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Sunday, 20 November 2016


Have you stop to ask yourself "what if?"
What if life change all of a sudden?
What if I can't work again?
What if the job is gone today?
What if the business is not flowing as before?
Yes,what if?
There is an investment with little "what if."
That is real estate and property investment. An investment with more that 100% return in a short time,especially in a promising region like the ibeju lekki...don't wait further, do it today.we have well over 20 different estates with good,legal and valid Titles along the region where can safely invest for your future and that of your loved ones.
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Saturday, 19 November 2016


The mistakes many make is waiting for the right time to come.the fact is,there is nothing like the right time.every time is the same, have to make it right for yourself and for what you want to do.
 A friend once saif, "am only waiting for the right time to invest in real estate/property." Till moment the right time has not estate he was encouraged to invest in when a plot of land was 150k as at 2002,is selling for 15m today.he is always regretting his decision of not investing then,when he has the money to do so,thinking the right time will come.
 So dear friends, don't wait for any right time.Invest wisely today.invest in real estate. invest in any of our estate in ibeju lekki lagos today where you are sure of 100% value growth in less than two or three years.yes its that promising, because of the world class project along the region. Like the Dangote refinery and fertilizer plant,the Lagos free trade zone,the New Lagos seaport and many others.
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Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Many think of how and what to invest in, that Is safe,secured and appreciate with time.others worried how they can secure their future and that of their loved ones.
If you are pondering this,here is a good news. REAL ESTATE/PROPERTY INVESTMENT. it is the only investment with a 100% return, safe,secured and appreciate with investment were ur physical present is not always needed to thrive unlike any other business that you have to be around to monitor. Where you live and where you invest in have no issues,and does not affect its don't by the second car if you are yet to invest in real estate. Especially here in ibeju lekki Lagos Nig.its a location with many world class projects going on,and many to, The Dangote Refinery, Lagos free Trade Zone, The New International Airport and many more. All this make the region one of the fast developing area in the world,and add value to properties in the region by the day.a property you bought today for 3m can go 4m and more in the very next year.and on and on like that.
What are u waiting for! Take that bold step today and live to smile tomorrow..... Yes, invest in real estate/property in ibeju lekki.
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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Facts About Lekki

"The New Lagos".......that is how many refer to the ibeju lekki area of Lagos.its a well define region like many other world class city(eg,Dubai),yet very fit to accommodate its citizens. Because the region is surrounded by the Atlantic on the right,and Lagoon on the left side of it,this makes it a very unique area for both commercial and residential purpose.
  Here in ibeju lekki,there are many opportunities to make money.ranging from buying and selling of landed properties, real estate investment,building and construction,and any kind of business you want to one of the fast developing region in the world,there is potential for success in all investment, especially in real,if you are yet to invest here in lekki,now is the right time to do so.

-The new international Airport
-The proposed world class seaport
-The lekki free trade zone
-The permanent site of pan Atlantic  university
-The Eleganza industrial city
-The Dangote petrochemical Refinery and Fertilizer plant
- Two Golf Course
And many other fast coming up projects.
With all of these projects in the region, there is definitely going to be high demand for landed properties in a short while. no wonder its where everyone is investing in,and buying for the future now.
  We have various estate were you can safely invest your money in today,watch it appreciate, and tell the good story in the future. So make your choice from any of our estates now!