Saturday, 31 December 2016


In few hours, the calendar will change for real to become 2017,and that will mark a complete end and never to be returned you regrets any thing about 2016,especially in the area of real estate and property investment? Where you able to buy one or more properties during the concluding year..?if you did,that was a smart move,as you will be expecting growth by 2017.but what are your plan for the coming year?and what if you where not able to invest in 2016?well here come a chance to do so now.and plan early in the year as this is the right time to invest since people have spent their money and need money badly this period.
Real estate investment is the better and sure place to invest your money in this 2017.are you so concerned about what the future will bring?many investment maybe not br certain, but in real estate and property,certainty is our watchword.
Imaging buying a property today for for say,3.5m and that same land goes for at least 20m or more in just 5,to 10yr what other business can
afford you such huge return
Are you looking for real and genuine company to deal with or invest with in real estate and properties? Then search no further. At EUC Homes we have well of 12 different estate in the ibeju lekki region were you can safely invest your money and go to sleep while you properties grows.
As a fast developing area with different world class project within the neighborhood, like the lekki free trade zone,the new international airport and sea port. Eleganzer,makers of power oil.the Dangote refinery and fertilizer plant, and many other projects in the neighborhood.this is where all smart people are investing their money here in Lagos right now.
With the Dangote refinery to begins full operation in 2019,property in the region will skyrocket. So now is the best time to start buying for the future.
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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Think Smart,Invest Wisely

Are you searching for a good,safe,secure and good return investment? Then think Real Estate and Property Investment. It is not only safe and secured,it also provide you a hundred percent profit value in little time.
Here in ibeju lekki Lagos,the new face of Lagos and the real hub of Africa business, we have over 10 different real and genuine proposed estate with good and legal titles where you can safely invest for the future.And with many world class projects going on in the region,like the lekki free trade zone,the new international airport and seaport, the Dangote refinery and fertilizer plant,etc........the region becomes one of the fast developing area in the world.and in no distant future, like Apapa,Ikoyi and lekki phace one or two,a plot of land will sell for nothing less than 30m to 80m.yes,that is what we are certain of.

 Why not make wise use of the present,to invest for that tomorrow.! Our estates prices ranges from 2m to  4.5m  till the year end.
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